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About Us

I feel that I have always been a designer and artist in some form or fashion. Some of my early inspirations while growing up in Kentucky, came from watching my Grandmother Virginia as she quilted by hand and a friend’s mother that sewed all her children’s fashions. I was yearning to be that good. I practiced and taught myself how to sew. By 8th grade I was good enough to be doing all the alterations for a local dry cleaners. After a few years of installing new zippers, button and hems I could pretty much design my own clothes. Later, after I moved to Beverly Hills, CA this really really came in handy as I worked in The Sharper Image as a manager. I constantly needed new mix and match skirts and tops so at night I would be sewing something new. Not only could I make something quickly, but I could create a new design as a one of a kind piece. Then different materials and colors.

Life took a different direction for me and I moved to Scottsdale, AZ then back to Kentucky. I launched my art as LizetteArt and marketed my paintings. Also, I decided to get into real estate and now own a brokerage with agents.

When Zoeboo the Maltipoo came into my life, she was a whirlwind that only weighed 1.5 pounds. Enchanting as she was … I could find nothing that fit her for a harness or jacket. I think I settled on a tiny kitten collar at first. It really didn’t work very well on her slender neck. I had to figure out something that might fit her better since it was raining every day and she needed to be potty trained outside. I designed a fitted harness that was waterproof. It fit her comfortably and kept her safe from slipping loose. When shopping for her I could only find clothes and harness that seemed to be made for babies. I wasn’t interested in dressing Zoeboo in pink, bows, ruffles or silly stuff. I wanted her to reflect my unique style.

Later after she grew, I would always update and improve upon my design. The ultimate harness in black faux leather for extra small dogs was invented. Because it was so unique, a design patent was applied for. I also designed a reversible jacket to fit underneath. My vision for the Zoeboo Couture line is to introduce new reversible jackets in designer fabrics each season that will always mix and match with our harness. The jacket could also be used with your current collar. I feel that I want my dog to match my elegant tailored look with clean lines. I know there are other dog owners that feel this way too about dressing their dogs. The Zoeboo Couture direction and look is all about building a mix and match classic wardrobe that fits slender XS and S dogs. Our beautiful harnesses and jackets are now sewn by Amish seamstresses. We wanted them to be made in the USA and assembled with love in Kentucky.