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Zoeboo Couture For Safety And Comfort

A few of the main reasons I designed the Zoeboo Couture harness was for complete safety and comfort. I could clearly see that this new puppy named Zoeboo I had brought home, was fast as a jackrabbit outside.

My main goal at first was to potty train outdoors. This would be time consuming but well worth the effort for our future together. Bad timing though, because it was October and raining every day! How in the world was I to convince this puppy to do her business while standing in the rain? This was the inspiration for something waterproof. Also, there wasn’t anything in the stores to fit her that was safe and escape proof. The only thing I found right away was a tiny kitten collar! That was crazy to see her take off running and be attached to that around her slender neck. I didn’t want her to injure her fragile trachea.

Once I had time to sit down and process what I would be designing, I came up with the first harness. It wasn’t beautiful…but it was a start in protecting my tiny pup. As time went on, I found ways to update and improve the harness to better suit a slim body and neck.  A few friends that had tiny dogs always were complaining that their dogs knew how to get out of their harnesses and run off. i would be frightened if Zoeboo did this. I made sure that I had thought of every escape avenue on the harness I designed. It was so unique that my design was granted a patent on July 17, 2019.  I’m just amazed that I could invent something unique, but also beautiful and safe.

I went the extra mile to have these harnesses and jackets handmade in Kentucky by Amish seamstresses well known for their sewing skills. There will be no halfway measures like farming these out to Korea or China. I’m all for the MADE IN THE USA tag. In fact our tag says “Made with love in the USA.”

Please write to us about your dog and let us show you how well these can work for your dog. We aim to please. Thank you for considering Zoeboo Couture!

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